Episode 1

OSS for Climate with hosts Richard Littauer and Tobias Augspurger


May 16th, 2024

7 mins 42 secs

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Richard Littauer | Tobias Augspurger

Show Notes

The Open Source Software for Climate podcast, hosted by Richard Littauer and Tobias Augspurger, embarks on a journey within the Sustain ecosystem focusing on the intersection of open source software (OSS) and climate change efforts. This new podcast aims to explore how the open source community can contribute to environmental sustainability and tackle climate change issues. Tobias introduces his project, OpenSustain.tech, a curated list and report of open source projects related to climate change and environmental sustainability, created after extensive research and ecosystem analysis. Also, the podcast will feature interviews with individuals actively working on open source projects that impact the environment, discussing their experiences, the sustainability of their projects, and how open source transparently address climate change. Richard and Tobias emphasize the importance of transparency, trust, and the role of open source in proving the reality of climate change, hoping to extend the dialogue beyond the open source community. Please tune in for future episodes with special guests!

[00:00:32] Richard explains the purpose of the podcast and the new direction towards climate issues are discussed.

[00:01:22] Tobias introduces his project OpenSustain.tech, explains his perspective of his project on open source for climate action, and the creation of Climate Triage based on collected data.

[00:02:38] Tobias explains Climate Triage, Richard discusses the intersection of open source and climate, and Tobias clarifies the criteria for selecting projects that have a direct impact on climate or environmental sustainability.

[00:04:38] Richard mentions the community behind OpenSustain.tech and Climate Triage and explains the goal of the podcast is to highlight individuals working on open source climate projects and the broader aim to support sustainability and proactive action against climate change.

[00:05:40] We end with Tobias mentioning the importance of open source in creating transparency and trust in climate change information, stresses how open source methodology helps establish trust in climate change data, and he hopes to spread the message of open source as a solution for climate change beyond the open source community.